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Dj Fresh Feat. Rita Ora

Dj Fresh Feat. Rita Ora
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uit 2012 van het album iTunes Festival: London 2012 - EP

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There are at least two artists using the name "DJ Fresh". 1 The drum & bass DJ Fresh (Dan Stein) is co-owner of Breakbeat Kaos and a prolific UK drum and bass producer. The Louder Songfacts reports that he teamed up with Kosheen vocalist Sian Evans for Louder, which was used as part of a Lucozade Lite advertising campaign in the UK and Ireland. The song was released on July 3, 2011 as a digital download and became his first UK #1 hit. Louder was the first ever UK dubstep No. Read more on
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Mood: Excited.
Genre: Dance, Drum and bass,jungle,electronic,Drum n Bass,dnb.
BPM: 172.26
Danceability: 1.1376
Replay Gain: -14.57
Chord: E minor

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