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I Ain't Worried (-00:00)
uit 2022 van het album I Ain’t Worried (Music From The Motion Picture

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OneRepublic is an American, self-proclaimed "genreless", band formed in Colorado Springs in 2002 by Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins. After a few years of moderate success, they have since drawn mainstream attention with the release of their single "Apologize," which has sold in excess of 7 million singles worldwide. The song, according to SoundScan Data, is one of only two songs that have reached 3 million legal downloads in history. A remix of "Apologize" was featured on Timbaland's Shock Value and the band's debut album Read more on
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Mood: Bored.
Genre: , rock,pop rock,alternative,alternative rock,indie.
BPM: 139.99
Danceability: 1.1455
Replay Gain: -13.50
Chord: F major

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